Eat This, Not That (audio) digital download only

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As we move from milk to meat, a shift begins to take place in our mind. One, the new information (light of God), is now causing the years of ignorance(dark knowledge)which consisted of, visuals and knowledge to be disrupted. But it's a great thing because you will never go any further than what you know. Lack is not your portion! 

We welcome 2018 with a great expectancy of new things happening in our lives. And new things happen as long as we have a new mind. In this season it is so important to guard your eyes, ears and mouth. These senses are gates to the promise land which is your mind.Your mind is a creative landscape this is where ideas and concepts are formed, becoming philosophies and beliefs. In order to change the landscape of lack its time to take in new seeds of prosperity. Which is truth for you and your family......Lack is the lie!

Begin the process of a renewed mind listen to Eat This, Not That

My People are destroyed by the lack of knowledge .........Hosea 4:6