Yolanda Felder is an Award Winning TV Talk Show host, International Speaker and Personal Brand Strategist. Confidence Cultivator and Producer of Leaders.

As a successful owner of 2 daycare programs for over 16yrs, I discovered while inspiring the early learners, I also empowered the parents, my staff and colleagues to live their life on purpose in abundance. During my 10th year in business, the desire to train individuals to become entrepreneurs was greatly overwhelming that I had to be obedient. This desire gave birth to a prosperous training institute, where we not only trained in business skills; but we assisted individuals in understanding that their life matters and they are a part of something much greater than themselves, To date we have successfully assisted thousands of business owners to open and operate successful businesses.

In 2011 God called me to use my speaking and encouraging talents to a wider audience, TV. Then in Oct.2012 @6am God showed me a vision of myself, along with this awesome vision, fear kicked in. This fear held me in bondage causing depression. I didn't know I was depressed because as a Christian we don't suppose to get depressed. This fear (tormenting spirit) was driving me that I wanted to kill myself. I didn't understand what was happening as I am a very goal oriented individual. My personality is I set goals and accomplish it. During this wilderness experience everything I touched would not happen, even my supportive family wasn't so supportive and I lost 5 family members in one year, one being my father. I really was having a Hard time understanding, but one things for sure, I NEVER LET GO OF GOD!! He caused this to happen to elevate my faith from one level to the next. He brought me out to bring me up in Him! I now understand what it means to be called and chosen of the Lord.

I now dedicate my life to helping successful people become prosperous in all areas of their lives. Through my coaching programs, TV show, podcast and live events. No matter how successful our businesses are if we don't have personal prosperity, we will not have business success. You and your brand are one.

We are all born leaders. Do you know you are a powerful person trapped, hidden! Trapped by the opinions, misguided information and a corrupt oppressive belief system.You already exist you have to become. You are one thought away from the greatest experience of your life. Do you have the courage to think?